Essay on Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train

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For my short paper essay assignment, I decided to write about Strangers on a Train, which is a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and released in 1951. The story is about two strangers that meet on a train. Those men’s names were Guy Haines and Bruno Anthony. Guy is a professional tennis player and he is married. His wife’s name is Mariam, but he wants a divorce with Mariam because he loves another woman. Bruno Anthony is the other stranger, slightly psychotic, hating his father and wanting to kill him. The movie runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Now, in this paper, I will try to analyze Hitchcock’s filming techniques, setting, suspense, camera shots, character plot and theme on this movie.

In Strangers on a Train, I think Guy is
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Immediately after he meets Guy, he talks too much and that was nightmare for Guy. On the train, Bruno doesn’t respect Guy’s personal space; he sits very close to him and starts talking to Guy about personal issues without permission. The first time he meets the senator at the party, he starts talking about an unrelated issue regarding his plans. Similarly, his conversation with the lawyer about murder issue. Immediately he ask to teach the lady how to kill somebody very quick and effectively. He ask permission to practice with the lady nick and he strangulate the lady, because Barbra was doppelgangers effect of Mariam in this film. So, that part of his Bruno was very destructive for the audience. His actions disappoint a lot of people at the time, including Anna and Guy. According to Wood’s (1986), most of Hitchcock camera shots introduce two pairs of things, like two pairs of shoes; two characterized of mans. Also he stated that each shot of the first pair is promptly balanced by the similar shot of the second (P.87). I agree with Wood’s idea about the shots. In this film, Hitchcock makes everything double means everything in this film its double like we are seeing something image in the mirror. He show us in every with doppelganger effects. For instance, Shadow of a Doubt, there are two Charlie’s and two police man and so on. The doppelgangers effects of this film are Guy

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