Alexander the Great Essay

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There have been many leaders who have contributed to our history, but one man who portrayed outstanding leadership qualities was Alexander of Macedonia, more commonly referred to as Alexander the Great. Alexander gained control of the Macedonian empire and led his men to victory by conquering the Persian Empire. Not only did his conquest enhance his overall image as a great military leader, but the characteristics he developed throughout his lifetime also played a role in his tremendous success. Although Alexander encountered many obstacles throughout his conquests, he was able to maintain focus in his men as well as himself, which is why he was capable of accomplishing all that he did. Therefore, throughout Alexander’s …show more content…
Alexander’s father and mother, Philip II and Olympias, were also mentors to him as he grew older and played an influential role in Alexander’s reign as Philip II’s successor. This is evident when Plutarch states, “ . . . And not far off are to be seen the graves of the Macedonians who fell in that battle (Chaeronea). This early bravery made Philip so fond of him, that nothing pleased him more than to hear his subjects call himself their general and Alexander their king.” This quote supports that even Alexander’s father believed in him and knew what he was capable of doing. Hammond also emphasizes the support and guidance Alexander gained from his father when he states, “As headmaster Philip guided and observed Alexander’s progress, and developed complete confidence in his son’s abilities.” Therefore, at the age of twenty, Alexander became the new king of Macedonia and began his conquest with his father’s desire, as well as his own to conquer the whole world. One of the major qualities that Alexander was able to utilize to his advantage was his courage. He went into every battle with great audacity, which influenced his men to have that same type of courage and will to strive for success. There were many instances where Alexander showed his bravery, but one event in particular was during his assault of a Mallian town during

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