Essay about Alcoholism in America

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Abstract Alcoholism today is viewed by some as a disease and by others as “willful misconduct”. Alcoholism is indeed a medical disease living in abnormalities in the brain. This disease not only affects the alcoholic, it also affects the people around the alcoholic. It directly affects the ones that love the alcoholic the most including spouses, children, and parents. There is treatment for this disease. The first step to recovering from this disease is admitting that there is a problem. The next step is getting help. There are treatment options that do work.

Alcoholism is a disease that causes your body to become dependent on alcohol. Alcoholism has a great deal to do with a person’s uncontrollable need
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Most people picture an alcoholic as a homeless man, or someone down on his or her luck, but the fact is that alcoholics are doctors, lawyers, public officials, actors, singers, etc. Just about anyone can succumb to this disease (Stevens, 2010). Terry McGovern daughter of senator and presidential candidate George McGovern was an unfortunate victim of alcoholism. Terry wandered into an unlit parking lot after a night of heavy drinking at a nearby bar. Her body was found the next day in the snow. She died as a result of hypothermia while in a state of extreme intoxication (Ketcham et al., 2000, pp. 3-4). How we may wonder could such a privileged, intelligent, gentle individual fall victim to alcoholism? Many people ask questions like, why would she allow herself to get caught up in such a destructive way of life? What was wrong with her? Why didn’t someone recognize what was wrong with her and help before it was too late? Answers to questions like these are a hot topic for debate among those who believe that alcoholism is a physiological disease and those who believe that alcoholism is not a true disease. In 1988, the Supreme Court concluded that alcoholism is a consequence of “willful misconduct.” Alcoholism is not some mysterious illness nor is it “willful misconduct.” Alcoholism is a medical disease living in abnormalities in the brain chemistry. The difference between alcoholics and non-alcoholics is in the way that the

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