Alcohol on College Campus Essay

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A growing number of students on college campuses are taking their life in their own hands each time they consume large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time. This popular method of drinking, called binge drinking, is a social stigma passed down from past generations. Students consider binge drinking a recreational way of life that is reninforced with alcoholic berverage "hangouts" located near college campuses. The fraternity and sorority houses are known for their wild parties. The peer-pressured initiations of thise elite groups of students are binge drinking oriented. Students do not realize the fun they perceive to have during these binge drinking bashes lead to alcohol dependency, serious health problems and …show more content…
The stdies show that high doses of alcohol lead to disruption in the growth of new brain cells.

When college students get drunk, their ability to make sound judgments is diminished. Alcohol acts as a sedative to the central nervous system. By depressing the control centers of the brain it reduces your inhibitions. It affects the thoughts, emotions, and sound judgments of a person. A person becomes invincible in their own eyes. They tend to act impulsively. This impulsiveness can lead to grave consequences as an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Eventually, the effects of drinking spill over into the classroom attendance. Hangovers and the inability to stay focused on school work causes attendance and academic performance to deteriorate. The risk of dropping out of school all together is high.

College is a place for a student to broaden their goals, earn a degree and better themselves through education. In order for a student to obtain the highest academis potential the college campus has to promote a healthy environment ofr learning. The effects of alcohol on campus have put a damper on those students who are there to learn and not party. College campuses need to work toward keeping the tow separate. The abstinence of alcohol on campus would bring back a healthy environment for learning, cut back on the alcohol "hangouts" around campus and clean up the community enbironment. Violent behavior and crime would decrease making a better

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