Ainmal Rights Essay

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Animal Testing

     Animals have been used in testing of various products for many decades. Products are usually tested somewhere before they are marketed to humans. These products vary from medical supplies to just make-up. Many animal rights activists, such as the PETA organization, have argued to get laws passed which makes such use of animals unlawful. This question of animal’s rights has been debated for many decades with out coming to any common ground between the two sides. The importance as well as the necessity of testing products on animals is not proven, so there is no way that one can say whether or not animals should be used for the testing of products. Animals should have some sort of right to not
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No animal should have his or her life endangered in order to make another animal look better. The testing of such products on animals should be outlawed, but does that mean that all testing done on animals should be abandoned?
     No not all testing done on animals is detrimental to the health of the animal. Some of the testing, even for cosmetics, could benefit the animal. As well as the question of, testing on animals for medical purposes. The argument against using animals in medical research has also been carried on for many decades. Animal testing has lead to some of the most important discoveries in the medical world. Important discoveries such as the developing of vaccines. Animals have died in order to save millions of humans, so is it worth it? Would scientist have found some other way of arriving at the same solutions to our health problems without testing on animals? These are some of the questions that have been raised in the discussion of animal rights as it applies to medical testing on animals. Jack H. Botting and Adrian R. Morrison in their article “Animal Research Is Vital to Medicine” they argue that without medical testing many medical advances would not have been possible.
     I think that it the medical testing done on animals is very important. Many medical advances have been made possible by such testing; therefore I consider

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