Essay on Aging, Death, Dying and End of Life Care

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The purpose of this essay is to analyse various theories on ageing, death, dying, and end of life issues from different perspectives such as: biophysiological theories, psychosocial theories; and taking in consideration the cultural, historical, and religious implications around the aforementioned life stages. One will also discuss important issues relevant to social work practice such as dignity, autonomy, and their relationship with the concept of a successful ageing and a good death. One considers these areas important since they upheld anti-discriminatory practice and may perhaps promote the development of personalised care pathways, as well as fair and justifiable social policies.
Furthermore, one will attempt to demonstrate the
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While one’s definition might come across as contextually simplistic, one highlight that ageing has a timeframe and a predetermined ending. Understandably, one observes that the ageing process in terms of timeframe is direct proportional with one’s lifespan. Therefore, one could make an educated prediction of a timeframe in which ageing happens based on quantitative and empirical research. The simplicity of this definition demonstrates the fact that it would be difficult to provide a definition of ageing that would act as an authority over all human beings.
The Biophysiological theories attempt to provide a scientific explanation of ageing based on natural processes that are conducted within the human body; Intrinsic and extrinsic factors provide long term insults to the human body resulting in senescence and ultimate death. Therefore, one could infer that ageing is subjective and contextual and it is measured by lifespan.
Ageing, from the biophysiological perspective, does not refer only at the degenerative actions of senescence. It plays an important part of development, and maturation of the individual, for example, puberty in adolescents. The biophysiological theory could explain some of the processes which are ongoing in Betty’s life, such as her active decline in health leading to disability, but it fails

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