Agent of Socialization Essay

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Some people behavior is normal while most of their manners are learnt. When a child comes in the world they are slowly mold into a social being and learn social ways of acting and feeling in society. There existence in society becomes unfeasible without this route. This process of molding and shaping the individuality of an infant is known as socialization. In general socialization is a social training by which every society lay down its own ways and means of giving social training to new born infant to adulthood members so that they may develop their own identity. In addition, the process of socialization is active throughout life. However, it is socialization which turns the child into a useful member of society and gives tem their …show more content…
Another is peer group, the element of surprise that child have to deal with, after leaving the protect wing of their parent walking into the outside world. Nonetheless, a lot of peer group peers are usually in individual in the same age group, social identify, i.e., buddies or close individual to them. Through peers, a child begins to broaden their circle of influence to people outside of the instant family. This happen because parent become less involved and observer of their child interaction with other. In other words, the parent let their guard down and looks the other way. We as parent make the mistake and think it is important when our child starts socializing and we have to let go and let our child grown up on their own “prior to this moment children basically dealt with people in a superior position”. In the adult years the demands of work and family overwhelm most peer group relations and the influence of peers seriously declines as an agent of socialization, only to return during the elderly years Next is school, today children start school as early as kindergarten or day care and it fills a large portion of their lives. School challenges student to think outside the box about the world. School is the official place where our society transmits it mounts up knowledge and skills from one generation to next. Socialization in school takes three forms: Official curriculum, what

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