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Billboards, signs, radios, newspapers, television, and internet are main instruments that we as society see or use everyday and advertisers use as channels to advertise to society. Advertising has a major role in businesses and advertising is a business in itself. How else would businesses get their name and product or service out to the consumer by efficient means and time? A business may create a product and within a couple days reach consumers across the nation to sell that product. Without advertising businesses would not expand into nationwide companies, they would only exist as bricks and mortars in towns where they exist and the community knows them. Without advertising competition would only exist between companies by positive …show more content…
     Consumer sovereignty by many, including John Kenneth Galbraith (“John Kenneth Galbraith”), seizes to exist in today’s age. Consumer sovereignty is consumer independence. Consumers have the choice. If they were no choice in society then there is no sovereignty. It is “the authority of consumers to determine what is produced through their purchases of goods and services” (“The Market System”). Many believe that advertising takes away consumer sovereignty. Advertising is repeated again and again in order to influence consumers to not have choices. Consumers see so much of one advertisement that it forces them to go out and buy the product and service. In this setting, consumer sovereignty would seize to exist. By people admitting there is no consumer sovereignty, they admit no free will. They are admitting that they are determined to buy these products that they are exploited to. In a sense, these consumers are forced to buy the product if they are imposed by mass advertisement of the product. Determined or brainwashed? Does advertising have any role in forcing consumers to buy products?
     Consumer sovereignty still does exist in today’s age and can never seize to exist with our economic system that is set. Consumers see an abundance of advertising and from this

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