Advertising Strategies Essay

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Advertising Strategies

Advertising is the biggest and best way to sell a product because advertisements are viewed all over the world. Advertisers are very smart with how they choose to portray themselves as a company and how they want the product to be seen by people. The ways that people view products is greatly varied dependent upon the types of advertising the company uses, some companies appeal to one type of person and therefore concentrate on that one group of people, an example of this would be medication for help preventing heart disease and/or slimming the risk that a person has of suffering from a heart attack.

The power of advertising has grown largely over the past twenty years
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Advert Number 1


The first advertisement that I have chosen to write about is an advertisement for a porcelain plate with a picture of a dog printed full size on the plate. The picture featured on the front of the plate is one of a King Charles spaniel, the spaniel is in front of a darker, grey/green background which helps to makes the features of the spaniel stand out more and help to ‘draw’ a reader to find out more about the product. The advert is one which contains a send away slip positioned in the lower right hand corner.

The advertisement seems to be one which is aimed at both the rich and elderly, I believe this because of the plate is “edged with precious 22-carat gold which obviously is not normal when said regarding plates, meaning this plate is more likely to be used for show/decoration.

The plate is named “eyes of love” presumably because of the pose that the dog is performing, and also because of the gleam in the dog’s eye which can be seen as a sign off innocence which does tend appeal to the older readers who like dogs or just like anything youthful.

Analysis of advert

This advert is an advert that, to me, seems to appeal to older readers, aged from 50 and older, the older are seen as the people who have more money to spend on

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