Advertising and Smoking Essay

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Advertising is the most profitable market that thrives with aggressive manipulation. Radio, magazines and TV are dangerous past-times that wash away our good intentions with subliminal messages spread thick like peanut butter. Suddenly we question the healthier approach to living we have been striving for. Why? Advertising. How is it that we are so easily influenced? Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs teaches advertisers the weaknesses in all of us, making it very easy to grab our attention and influence our buying behavior. As Stuart Hirschberg wrote in The Rhetoric of Advertising, “ads can be effective if they appeal to the needs, values, and beliefs of the audience” (Hirschberg 102). Advertisements promise a more fulfilling life (Hirschberg …show more content…
Flip open the May 2014 Men’s Journal Magazine and you will spot two very different cigarette ads. The first is a Camel Cigarette ad on page 43. The ad is lit up with a bright blue background and the words “CAMEL” in bold sprawling the top of the page. The bottom of the ad finishes with the iconic golden camel and the words “TASTE IT ALL” written in all white text. There are three images with corresponding text taking up the majority of the page, conveniently centered in the middle of the ad. The images seen behind the middle text are intriguing because they evoke a magical wave of mystery and “what if” stirring within our body. The first picture behind the white cursive text, “Inspired”, is in black and white of a lady in her mid-20’s with long hair effortlessly smoking a white cigarette. The background is blurred and she is looking out into the distance. The second picture is positioned prominently in the middle of the ad; a comic-book like image of a lit match. The colors are overwhelmingly red and black with a bold tan separating the two. The word “PASSIONATE” is written in all white caps. The third image is a thousand orange and yellow lit lanterns floating in the night sky. There are countless individuals in the foreground tinged with the red glow of the lanterns. The scene reminds me of a full moon celebration on the beach of Pattaya, Thailand. The scene is summed up with the word “ORIGINAL” also in all white caps. While

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