Advertisements and Family Essay

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Advertisements that are meant to show actions that take place within a family can be used to create a solution to family problems. The teenage generation has turned into a troublesome part of today’s world. “Youth are growing up in a world that expects them to look and act like adults but without the privileges”, the number of young adults whom have experiences which only an adult should have is at a shocking number (Robertson). From the “Parents. The Anti-Drug” advertisement, the idea of talking to a child about alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or sex shown in text will stand out to a parent. Harsh words to a parents ears are used to describe the problems which teenagers in today’s world face such as: drugs, drinking, tobacco, and sex. The …show more content…
The daughter shows a closed or concealed body language and has either a confused or observing facial expression. From these details a person may suspect that the daughter is open to listen but may not want to speak her own thoughts. She will probably want to hear what her mom says, but will stay shy and not ask questions or participate in the conversation.
Another way to notice the daughter may be in an awkward situation talking to her mother is that they are sitting in the daughter’s bedroom. This can be the outcome of the mother surprising her daughter with this conversation by trapping her in a closed room. The way to tell this is the daughter’s room is how the two are positioned on the bed. The daughter sits at the head of the bed showing that she is the head or ruler of this room. The mother sits at the foot as if she was at the daughters feet begging for her to listen to what she had to say. This approach is normal when a parent is confronting a child. However, the daughter could be thinking that she is over her mother since she is above her.. The best way to talk to a teenager I feel is to sink to their level and stay even with them. Walk or sit side by side to relieve the pressure of making eye contact which will allow the teenager to open more without the worry of mad eyes staring back.
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