Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership Working Essay

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The problem with partnership working is that there are too many partners.
Partnership working can be defined as a group of individuals, agencies or organisations with a shared interest, working together to achieve a specific objective. Partnerships are usually formed to address specific issues and may be short or long term. (Dewhurst, 2009) Although there is an acknowledgement that there is an absence in the definitions of partnership working, Powell, Glendinning & Rummery (2002) has offered the following minimal definition. “The involvement of at least two agents or agencies at least with some common interests or inter-dependencies; and would also probably require a relationship between them that involves a degree of
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The downside to this case was that because of Emson’s professional background and the NHS stigma of a doctor being ill, the correct procedure was not followed and so no one had any chance of working together to support her as information was passed on. After the inquiry into Daksha’s death, several recommendations were issued in order to prevent a repeat of this tragic incident happening again. Some of the key recommendations were; a code of practice against mental health stigma, binding on all NHS employees, guidance on treatment of mothers-to-be and new mothers with mental illness, and guidance on child protection for children of mental health patients. In this case, a clear lack of communication between professionals has been identified, and as communication is a vital aspect of partnership working, a clear picture is depicted that in this case, that skill was not used. Some writers have reflected that not acknowledging barriers to partnership working is in itself, a cause for failure (Rummery & Glendinning, 2000) and that it is important to recognise the hurdles in advance.

According to Mark Lymbery, the concepts of “partnership” and “collaboration” have become amongst the most critical theme of “new” Labour’s social policy, particular in respect of the delivery of health and social care. Although the terms are rarely

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