Essay on Adolescence in the Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye

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Adolescence in the Bell Jar and Catcher in the Rye

Adolescence is the period between puberty and adulthood. Every teenager experience this moment in life differently some sail through happily to carry on with a peaceful life where as others are less fortunate and find that this moment is much more harder and stressful then they thought. Esther Greenwood and Holden Caulfield are one of the less fortunate and have bad experiences through their adolescent.
Salinger and Plath present this in their novels Catcher in the Rye and
The Bell Jar. Both novelists use first person narrative giving us as readers a more personal description about their story, involving us more into their lives and letting us travel with them on their pathway
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Where as Holden Caulfield’s parents are rich and he can take the advantage of flunking out because they can just place him in another school, he has pressure from his parents to do well in Pencey high that’s why he cant face to tell them that he got kicked out “They’ll be pretty irritated about it, they really will. This is about the fourth school I’ve gone to.”

Pressures of virginity are expressed in both novels. Esther and Holden are self conscious about losing their virginity and feel they need to sleep with someone and gain experience. Holden behaves bold around girls and comments a lot about the girls who he has ‘necked’ in the past and those that he nearly slept with but soon confesses later in the novel “If you want to know the truth, I’m a virgin. I really am.”
When Holden is with a girl he likes to believe that the girl he is
‘necking’ is intelligent but really he just ends up with girls he

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