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Bastyr is the only internationally recognized university as a pioneer in natural medicine. Bastyr has the finest school of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the country. This is only university granting a regionally and professionally accredited Doctorate in the United States; taught by the leading integrative medical educators in the world. Additionally, Bastyr’s DAOM program is the foremost leader of research in my areas of interest, which are oncology and advanced Pain management.
The field of Oriental Medicine with a specialization in oncology and advanced pain management is of strong importance to me since cancer has touched the lives of people who are very dear to me.My maternal family is from Anniston, Alabama. Anniston is
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Of these cases 50% were pain management, 20% gynecological issues, 10% drug addictions, 10% emotional disorders, and 10% dermatological disorders. My pain management cases consisted of back pain (10% of these patients being war veterans), arthritic pain, chronic headaches, joint pain, gynecological pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. My clinical training was approximately 1186 clinical hours, treating over 410 patients with a variety of complaints. The majority of conditions that were treated were fibromyalgia, chronic pain, post MVA trauma, gynecological issues, musculoskeletal pain, and post pregnancy care. I also trained for over 100 hours, in an in-house sponsored NADA protocol training program.
Seeing the opportunity of serving the greater Orlando community by providing free Acupuncture treatments and simultaneously promoting the Florida College of Integrative Medicine and TCM services, I established and managed the first Florida College of Integrative Medicine Community Clinic program. During my position as committee Chair of the community clinic, I presided over meetings, created bylaws, managed volunteer interns, helped in the development of marketing materials, promoted community awareness, and secured community donations. My desire to provide quality healthcare to my patients was my main goal as a student clinician. I became more

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