Essay on Adaptive Uses of Technology in the Classroom

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Adaptive Uses of Technology in the Classroom

As we have been exploring the variety of ways to use technology in the classroom, I have found the website and multi-modal presentations to be the most helpful. While I came to this course knowing plenty about classroom applications for Promethean Board, ActiVotes, and other “Smart” technology, the various web-based applications and tools that we have been introduced to has given me a much wider appreciation for the role that technology does, and can, play in our classrooms. As we have discussed new literacies in this class, I have clung on to one of the first readings we did in which William Kist said “text is anything that communicates; a garden is a text” (Kist 111). This
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The students in my Gothic Literature class were generally interested in various forms of art: painting, music, fashion design etc. I tried to use this to my advantage by relating what I wanted them to know how to do, to something they already knew how to do. Using my Prezi, I created a flow chart of paintings and related questions. I asked students what they thought of each painting in a ‘reader response’ form of questioning. I moved on to ask what larger implications the painting might have with regards to stereotypes, society as a whole, the concept of marriage, and others depending on the painting. The answers that I got were amazing; the students were performing way beyond expectations for the lesson, so we moved on to the lesson for the following day. I had another prezi created with caricatures of modern celebrities, asking students what commentaries the artists were making about their idols. Projecting a caricature of Rihanna, still sporting her black eye, beating Chris Brown with an umbrella sent them into a frenzy! While it took a minute to get class back in order, the students were able analyze the caricature and pull apart what larger message the artist was trying to send. While this lesson, as planned, relied heavily on the technological resources of my district, a mid- and low-tech option could easily have been

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