Actions and Motivations Relatied to Terrorist Network in Somalia

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Terrorist organizations in Somalia, located within the Horn of Africa, present a current threat to the region and to United States (U.S.) interests. This paper will address the implication of a terrorist network within Somalia by analyzing the actions and motivations of Al-Shabab, the Somali Government, and the United States. Al-Shabab is gathering support by using religion, undermining the Somali Government, and by providing jobs and opportunities for the people of Somalia. If Al-Shabab continues growing in power it could lead to more extreme terrorists attacks in Somalia and the region.
One of Al-Shabab’s method of gaining supporters in Somalia is by using religious rhetoric to wage a jihad to eliminate whom they consider enemies
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Additionally, Al-Shabab then began using other tactics by empowering its people to attack all foreign fighters and the Somali Government. Al-Shabab will continue to wage the battle by finding, “recruits from the impoverished local population, paying them monthly salaries, but also uses recruits from the Somali diaspora” (Ibrahim 285). Al-Shabaab is also able to recruit members not just within Somalia, but also from, “places as the United States (Ibrahim 285). Even with the growing threat of Al-Shabaab the Somali Government continues to fight back.
Somali Government uses its military along with the aid of the United States and the Ethiopian Army, and others are contributing to the winning battle overall to rid its country of the extreme terrorist rebels. As seen in this news article from the African Press, the Somali government is winning the battle and taking control of Al-Shabaab territory., “The Somali National Army (SNA) backed by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) troops this evening captured an Al-Shabaab stronghold” (Organization, African Press). The Somali Government is also starting to be able to bring peace and security to its people along with profits. As stated by Alexander Melegruou -Hitchens, “The (African Union) AU members have shown a willingness and desire to act swiftly and largely

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