Achetypal Works of Dystopian Literature Essay

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Achetypal Works of Dystopian Literature The endeavor to achieve utopia, the best existence obtainable to humanity, is a response to the problems present in society. It is a way of dealing in the imagination with these problems, suggesting an ideal for society to strive towards. From Plato’s Republic on, however, utopia has had a characteristic shortcoming. Huxley observed that the inhabitants of Utopia are radically unlike human beings. Their creators spend all their ink and energy in discussing, not what actually happens, but what would happen if men and women were quite different from what they are and from what, throughout recorded history, they have always been (Kennedy 44).

The search for utopia continues strongly
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Granted, one man’s conception of the good life will not necessarily satisfy another’s, but people as a whole should reach a general consensus against the horrific future portrayed through these warnings about the dehumanizing tendencies of the big state. Both works portray the loss of individuality through social control illustrated through the failed attempt of individuality. Through these works issues are raised regarding the price at which Utopia is gained as well as its relative possibility in present day American society.

Both novels attempt to create a stable society through control of the State. Each society claims to have reached a position of balance, of constant well-being and happiness. What is troubling about both worlds of the future is that, “with all passion turned to even-tempered happiness, with tragedy gone the way of social and sexual instability, there will be no room for the dramatist. The world will be made safe for infantilism, sensualism, and mediocrity,” (Chamberlain 5). The general populations of both worlds are neither dissatisfied nor are they truly happy. There exists a level of constant stability excluding either positive or negative extremes. Everyone is made to believe he is happy and is prevented from doing anything thinking on his own account.
There are a myriad of ways through which both dystopias strive to create this constant medium,

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