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Never Let Me Go is a mysterious story to the reader at first, but as they begin to get more in-depth, find out it’s more than one could think. Kazuo Ishiguro’s vivid imagination reflects well into his book Never Let Me Go, as the book explores one’s own morality into real life as they read it. Kazuo Ishiguro reflects the ideas of Post-Modernism and his own life and imagination through Never Let Me Go, which explores the morality of humans and their fate. On November 8, 1954 Kazuo Ishiguro was

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(R.C.) Kazuo Ishiguro set out to different counties, such as Canada and the United States, taking hints from his British peers. (R.C.) Ishiguro did not feel any need to visit his homeland Japan during his travels. (R.C.) Kazuo felt as though he was still connected through his imagination to Japan. (R.C.)
Kazuo Ishiguro took an odd job as being the grouse beater for the Queen Mother of Balmoral Castle in 1973. (R.C.) Kazuo also was employed as a social worker before and after he received his Bachelor of Arts. (R.C.) Kazuo Ishiguro received his Bachelor of Arts in English and in philosophy from the University of Kent in 1978. (R.C.) At the age of twenty-five, Kazuo Ishiguro decided to try his hand at writing. (R.C.) Kazuo had an unsuccessful carrier at singing and as a lyric writer. Kazuo Ishiguro enrolled in University of East Anglia in a creative writing program in 1979. (R.C.) Kazuo Ishiguro received his Master of Arts in 1980 from University of East Anglia. (R.C.)
Kazuo Ishiguro began to write short fictional stories the summer before his first term at the University of East Anglia. (R.C.) Kazuo Ishiguro gained immediate acclaim from his work. (R.C.) Three stories written by Kazuo were published in Introduction 7: New Writers. (R.C.) Kazuo Ishiguro’s first novel, A Pale View of Hills, received the Winifred Holtby Award from the Royal Society of Literature. (R.C.) The
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