Academic Counseling in Schools Essays

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Academic Counseling in Schools In the confines of the classroom, students are enabled by educators and encouraged to reach their fullest potential. However, schools that are in low income communities do not have all the benefits, such as academic counseling, to help the struggling students that test below the schools standard testing. A solution to this rising issue was implemented through integrated programs for students who are not performing at the school standard (Domitrovich,C.E., Bradshawm C.P., Greenberg, M.T., Embry, D., Poduska, J.M., Ialongo, N.S., 2010). This task can be a difficult process for most children if they struggle with a need that can only be met by individual attention. Past program interventions that have been …show more content…
The title 1 schools can spend this funding on new computer equipment or software, books, educator training sessions, or specialized professors. This federal education spending program specifically targets these students because they are more likely to be at risk of failing the academic requirements the school systems have set (Epstein et al., 1966). Because there are not as many resources available for the school to handle this issue alone, this guideline have been put in place to aid this struggling community of future leaders. The provision of academic counseling to schools challenges the school systems to consider a child’s individual development which will make a difference in the children’s academic career (Epstein et al., 1966). Based on the previous research that academic counseling improves a student’s academic career, the option of using academic counseling as part of the supplied funding should begin to rise.
Academic Counseling In order to foster a child’s development throughout school, the teacher must create challenges that are unique to the child’s individual capability. However, when a student fails to meet the minimum standards of their own average classroom, it can be difficult to stay encouraged. Throughout many schools in Chicago, discouraged students who are in need of individual assistance are denied this privilege because of the lack of support, resources and educators

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