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Settlers moved in and appropriated the

overwhelming majority of Australia - either for private use or in the

name of the British Crown.

Even after Australia was declared independent in 1901, Aborigines

continued to be marginal to the new nation and were barred from

becoming citizens by the 1902 Australian Constitution. Using the

notion of racial supremacy, and showing the inferiority of the

Aboriginal race in the settler's eyes. Citizenship was granted to

Aborigines only following a national referendum in 1967.

Attempts have been made by the Australian government to protect

Aboriginal culture, beginning in the late 1920s with the creation of

special reserves; this is when the notion of paternalism came into

play. Aborigines are now officially recognized as Australian citizens,

and since 1948 a policy of assimilation has been pursued. Some

Aborigines, however, fear that assimilation will result in a total

loss of Aboriginal cultural identity, and opt instead for integration,

insisting on maintaining their native identity as distinct from

becoming 'Australians'.

Based upon such ethnocentric values and beliefs - from an allegedly

'enlightened' people - colonists began to establish and implement a

racist and heretical view of Christianity. They firmly believed that

there was no hope of salvation without the elimination of
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