Abeng by Michelle Cliff and Mistreated Women of the Carribean

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The Caribbean regional colonial imperialism produced institutions and movements that deeply affected and continue to affect the lives of Caribbean women. Caribbean women’s literature represents sexual violence and the ideological appropriation of gender identity, gender roles, sexuality, race and ethnicity, and culture and class. The impressionable and forming years of an individual are too often controlled by what society feels correct is based on gender, race and culture. Although one may not behave as their society feels is appropriate, in no way should this result in making someone feel less or wrong because they are of color, female and strong-minded. One identification category that affects Clare’s identity is gender, …show more content…
One morning, Clare woke up early with the intention of killing the wild pig, so she got into her uncle’s cabinet and loaded up the rifle. This was a way for Clare to prove to not only herself, but her friends, family, and society that she can do it too; she can and wants to be a part of the male job. She was behaving this way because she had been denied by her boy cousins, family, friends and society. By Clare taking the gun and having the intention to kill the wild pig, she was trying to find her agency and identity while also challenging patriarchy. The navigation of gender shapes Clare’s identity formation process because she did not want to be a part of what society believed were female roles. She had the relationship with her father that a son would have, she wanted to be involved with what her boy cousins were doing, and lastly she went and proved to herself and society as a whole that she could also play the role that males play even though she was a female. After Clare decided that she was going to kill the wild pig and partake in this male activity, she had what she believed to be her right taken away from her. Clare ended up killing Miss Mattie’s best animal, a bull. Not only did Clare’s grandma end Clare’s friendship with Zoe, she wrote a

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