A Universal Game of Literacy Essay

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A Universal Game of Literacy

"The blank page is nothingness-the silence- on which the words enact their epic journey, which is both a quest for a meaning and a creation of meaning."
O. B. Hardison

The Bible introduced the concept of God as a creator of the universe. In contrast, Darwin's theory supplanted the idea of a single creator orchestrating all extant processes by affirming the role of chance in shaping the reality. According to Darwin's story, random events create chaos in the universe and then re-establish order characterized by certain patterns of life. Like the changes in the environment, the emergence of specific patterns cannot be predicted. Yet, no matter how chance might shape reality, language adapts to
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Therefore, if we happen to resist the influence of the memes and generate our own thoughts, eventually we become pariahs, because our way of thinking differs from that of the rest of the society. Faced with the prospect of living alone, we do conform to the social way of processing memes. Of course, we will remodel them in accordance with the idiosyncrasies of our brains, but the attribute of the meme stays the same. Thus, the social processing of memes gives birth to different cultures. Because of the dependency on society for the formation of our perceptions of the environment, does the freedom to be unique exist?

The freedom to be unique depends on chance. According to Dennett, memes propagate "because of our esteem for them" (363). Random events and the particular social circumstances induced by them determine the social stance. So, being unique is the freedom to respond to the emerging patterns imposed by chance according to the idiosyncrasies of our brains within the boundaries set by society. Experimenting by putting elements together in a new way approved by society, playing with memes within those boundaries, and challenging the boundaries, we display our uniqueness.

Do we have control of the processing of the memes? Apart from society's influence to reject or adopt a meme, the influence of the memes themselves may be too subtle for us to

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