Essay A Trip To The Graveyard

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In ancient times, a huge rock of fire collapsed in what was once called “Earth”. The Earth then separated into three parts in different spaces. These three parts were then named unique names, and a new age of three different kingdoms arrived. But there was a little unfolded truth behind the kingdoms’ powers, and a mess started occurring. All of these troubles will rest in peace if the unknown maiden stood against them. But unluckily, nobody knew where she was hiding, and brave knights from the three known kingdoms started the search.

“Mom, I’m going to school”, Mariena said while she closed the front door of her house. Mariena started walking until someone whispered in her ears. She stopped and looked back, but nobody was there, only
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“Okay then, but be careful, told you to go, don’t regret”, Lisa said. Mariena smiled and said, “Don’t worry; you know that I think twice before taking my decisions”. Mariena strolled to her home; Oscar accompanied her like always and in the way, they chatted about Jay’s party. Oscar promised Jay to go. As soon as she reached her house, he asked Mariena to be his girl, or accompany him, for this night only. Mariena apologized in a polite way and entered her house.
“How was school, hun?” Mariena’s mother asked. “Like any other day. Is dinner ready?” Mariena said. “It is sweety, from a long time”, the mother sighed. “I’m sorry for coming home late without telling you. I had to, I was taking after school practice again”, Mariena said. Her mother nodded and smiled, then said, “I know, I know”.
They sat together and started eating rice. “Aren’t you going?” the mother asked. “No mom, you know that I lack what’s so called parties, unlike other girls”, she answered. “Then I have an idea, let’s celebrate your birthday!” Mariena’s mother smiled and kissed her daughter on the cheek. “I thought you totally forgot about it. I know that you’re so worried about Lanthe, and what happened to dad was awful and..”. Before Mariena completed what she was saying, her mother hugged her and a few minutes of silence were born. “Come on; wear something that represents a birthday 18 years old lady”, her mother said with a peaceful look at her face.

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