A story from my mother - The Ameru from Mbwaa Essay

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The oral story I was told by my mother from Tigania-Meru.

I think I was about 4-5yrs old. It customary for parents to tell their children stories as they waited the food to be cooked. Most of the dry beans like Ncaabi, "(black beans) or Ncuu (pigeon peas) took at least 2hrs to boil and get soft. My mother was an intelligent, intuitive woman and a good story teller. The traditional Ameru story was told to all children as part of the pride of heritage. The story was actually based on emphasising the unique qualities of the Ameru people: Intelligence, Patriotism, bravery, hard work, among others.

The telling had a format. The story teller and the recipient were to be attentive to each other. There a promise that if you are told a story
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The Ameru, are a people of great pride of themselves and they people who are valued for ones integrity of self and the community. Therefore they requested the King of Nguu ntune to grant them independence permit them to leave the country. The King promise to let them free to leave on certain conditions. The King requested the clan leaders to prove their intelligent by performing by passing certain tests. (I am sorry I can remember only 3)
1. Bring to the King a sandal which has fur on the inside and the outside.
2. Bring a calf which has white dang
3. Bring to the King a spear that touches both ground and the sky.

They performed the all except the last one. They were unable to make the spear that touches both the ground and the sky.

The council of leaders called a meeting and it was decided that, in order for the Ameru to live in dignity,they will organize to leave by the night while the King and his armies are asleep.

A young man named Kaume Njwe (Koome Njwe in Kimenti), was to lead the people. So the exodust started. When they arrived at the "Red Sea" Kaume Njwe struck the water with his black rod and the water separed and there was dry land to allow the people to cross. This man is supposed to be the most intelligent and warrior of the worriors for the Ameru people because he was able to lead them to freedom.

They all crossed this "Red Sea" successfully.
After crossing they had to sacrifice to the god "Murungu" One

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