A Smoother Transition for Transexuals Essay

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A Smoother Transition for Transexuals

Known to many as the last hurdle transsexuals have to face before they can gain access to sex reassignment surgery, the Real life experience (RLE), sometimes called real life test (RLT), is a process where the subject lives in their preferred gender role for a certain amount of time. Despite how many transsexuals see the RLE as an opportunity to match their outer appearance with their inner feelings, they sometimes overlook the challenges they may face before getting what they want. The expenses of buying a whole new lifestyle, the emotional drainage they are likely to face, and the periods of physical pain in hormonal change and cosmetic surgery are main issues that sometimes go unnoticed by those
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Though it is recommended to have at least three months of RLE or counseling in order to receive hormones, it is not required. However, three months of RLE and/or counseling is required for breast/chest surgery [4].

Evaluating RLE follows a strict set of guidelines that the mental health clinicians who are doing the person’s psychological assessment will look over in order to allow the person to qualify for hormones or surgery. Mental health assessors check to see how long the person has been living as their preferred gender, what the RLE has been like for them, and how they have dealt with the challenges of RLE [5]. Discussing the difficult areas of the transition process helps to show how stable the person is and whether he or she is strong enough to deal with the inevitable stress that follows. The assessors evaluate the quality of a person’s RLE by reviewing the following abilities:

1. To maintain full or part-time employment;

2. To function as a student;

3. To function in community-based volunteer activity;

4. To undertake some combination of items 1-3;

5. To acquire a (legal) gender-identity-appropriate first name;

6. To provide documentation that persons other than the therapist know that the patient functions in the desired gender role.

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