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A Rose for Emily

In Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" the character Emily is woman who never learned to be independent. Her dependent behavior is due to her father; his overbearing behavior doomed Miss Emily's future. Emily was raised to be very dependent on the only male figure in her life, her father. The relationship between Emily and her father establishes the pattern that would lead to her future actions toward the male figures throughout her life, Colonel Sartoris, Homer Baron and Tobe. Even though there were few males in her life, Miss Emily was dependent on them at one time or another and was unable to let go of the men that she encountered during her lifetime.

The first male figure in Miss Emily's life, and the one that
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His actions seem very strange as if he was keeping Emily for himself, suggesting they may have been an incestuous relationship. This course of action causes Emily to rely solely on her father until the day he dies. The death of Mr. Greirson leaves Emily in denial and she does not want to face reality, she tried to keep her fathers dead body. This proves her inability to let go of the first male figure in her life.

Miss Emily's next male figure is one that helps her early in her life after the death of her father, Colonel Sartoris. Sartoris was able to remit Emily's taxes under the impression that the town owed her father money. This act of kindness by the Colonel caused Emily's dependence upon him. Later in the story, the Board of Alderman approached Miss Emily at her house in the attempt to get her to pay her taxes. When the Board started questioning Miss Emily about why she would not pay she told them to talk to Colonel Sartoris, who had been dead for ten years. Even though the Colonel had been dead for ten years the old women insisted they see him and leave her alone. Emily's dependency on Colonel Sartoris caused her to believe he was still alive, showing again how she is not able to let go of the male figures in her life.

The most disturbing evidence of Miss Emily's male problems is her interaction with Homer Barron. Homer was a foreman who was in town helping with the construction of sidewalks. Emily became

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