A Report on Canada's Aging Population Essay

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The Canadian population is graying at a steady pace, adding thousands of seniors above the age of 65 in the population charts year after year. This segment of the population needs special attention due to its social, emotional, health, and dwelling needs. Continued growth in the size of aging population is putting pressure on the economy, health care system, and living space for seniors. Planners and policy makers need to pay immediate attention to the issue as it is going to affect all Canadians in the years to come.
An aging population is indeed a problem for the society and will possibly cause many social and economic difficulties in the future. According to David Foot (2003), professor of Economics at University of
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This in turn will reduce the cost providing health care and personal support to the suffering aging population.
In the survey that was conducted based on the topic of the aging population, participants were randomly selected to partake in the survey. The participants consisted of the gender groups, male and females. As already mentioned, the participants were randomly selected thus causing a difference in male and female results. Regardless of the difference, the topic had nothing to do with gender but only their opinion on the aging population and possible issues that Canadians will experience. The survey conducted consisted of 61.9% of females and 38.1% of males. The survey was targeted to high school students of the age range from fourteen years of age to eighteen years of age. This age group was selected because these students will be entering the world of work. Accordingly, their opinion on the aging population was highly appreciated.
The method used to conduct this primary research was through an online website named “Kwik Surveys.” Registration was free and the features offered to non-paid users were enough to efficiently conduct and analyze the survey. An online survey was used due to the fact that it helps with obtaining information fast. Also an online survey helps with accurately

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