Essay on A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation

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A Reasoned Definition of the Term Globalisation

Globalisation is an abstract concept. It does not refer to a concrete object, but to (an interpretation of) a societal process. Therefore the concept cannot be defined easily. For some, globalisation refers to Americanisation, for others it is about the growing importance of the world market, yet others use it to describe a cultural or an ideological reality: globalisation as the victory of 'market plus democracy'. For most authors, globalisation is a complex concept that involves political, economic and social-cultural changes. The events of September 11th instantly ricocheted across the world; this shows that in the fabric of everyday life, as
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In sum, globalisation can usefully be conceived as a process [or set of processes], which embodies a transformation in the spatial organization of social relations, and transactions, generating transcontinental or interregional flows and networks of activity, interaction and power. gobalization, however, can be said to be centuries old. The first Homo Sapiens were nomads, travelling from one place to another; Indian tribes travelled ages ago from Mongolia to Northern America; products of the Inuit have been found at old sites from Australian Aboriginals; the story of Jesus has been told around the world from the beginning of our era. In other words: flows of people, products and symbols have existed for a very long time. The extraordinary thing in our globalising world is that dependencies within global networks are so great and interactions so dense that they form a sphere of themselves. The global institutional order has gained strength of itself, and some would perhaps go in so far as arguing that it has its own logic more or less independent from the local configurations it encompasses. The movements and interactions in global space are now patterned and institutionalised to such an extent that local societies have to explicitly react and relate themselves to the global configuration.

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