A Parent Should Consider Other Means of Discipline Than Spanking Their Child

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Whenever a parent disciplines (means of correcting) a child, they are teaching them, and letting them know there are boundaries in life. Often time, children misbehave for one or several reasons: they want attention, do not know right from wrong, or do not know how to express their feelings, or simply want to see how for they can go outside their boundaries. Even though spanking a child may be a quick way of discipline, the effects sometimes do not accomplish the goal a parent is trying to convey. However, through means of nonviolent methods of discipline, such as short talks, time-outs, and taking away privileges, a parent can achieve cooperation and control; thus, teaching their child right from wrong by standing firm in punishment, …show more content…
Spanking, on the other hand is not only demeaning, but also may cause a negative reaction such as rebellion and resentment towards a parent. Sometimes children may continue to misbehave by doing something they know is wrong. Parents at this point may consider another type of non-violent punishment, such as taking away something the child likes to do or taking away privileges. For example, when Johnny comes home from school and goes straight to his Wii game system but knows he cannot play it until he finishes all his homework, a parent can take away his privilege to play his game system for a certain amount of time by literally unplugging it and putting it in a closet. This is teaching the child that he must adhere to what is expected thus helping the child to see what priorities are. A spanking may only last a few seconds verses taking away his game that would last must longer and not really teaching the child anything except that spanking gets the parent what they want from the child. As motivation may not be a form of discipline, it is a form of getting a child to adhere to parents. Through motivation, a child will want to do what is right rather than not because there is some type of reward in the end. For instance, when Johnny comes home from school, his mother may tell him that he could play his game system after he does all his homework. This type of

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