A New World Order Essay examples

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Never in the history of mankind has a war so dramatically affected and uprooted the world as the second World War. It took the end of a world war to erase the past eighteenth- twentieth century empires and bring to the forefront a few powerful, ideologically different, world leaders. The end of the second World War brought lasting effects that grew to define the cold war years and still echo in today’s politically charged world. As a direct result of the second World War, the United States of America, the Soviet Union, and the United Nations arose to the forefront of world power. Firstly the United States of America had been a regional military power for most of its life up until the second World War. From 1940-1945, the United States …show more content…
The USA couldn’t become a military superpower however without WWII transforming the United States of America into an economic power. Additionally the United States rose to economic supremacy at the end of the Great Depression that came to an end during WWII. Before the war the economy of the United States was in a deep recession, its factories were closed, and many of its people were jobless. The second world war however caused America to see an economic boom. The Second World War as told by Digital History “Brought unparalleled prosperity and raised American expectations”. This massive boom in the economy and the war itself in Europe is a major factor in why the USA took the lead economically in the post-war years according to Suffolk. During the war the USA provided industrial aid to the allies which who themselves saw the destruction of their own industrial capacity by German bombings (Suffolk). The United States seeing no bombings on its own soil allowed for its factories after the war to pump and sell goods into the world market with little competition. This prosperity travelled throughout the cold war and turned the USA into an urbanized superpower. The new economic giant that was the United States of America soon arose to be a political superpower as well. Furthermore, American foreign policy before and after the second world war were near

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