A New Education: Education Reform Essay

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There is much debate today on what would be the best way to reform education. Credible and scholarly writers such as Alfie Kohn, Joel Westheimer, and Andrea Schlesinger have vast ideas on different approaches that can be taken to improve America’s education system. Although there are many opportunities when attending an American school many citizens, including students, question the education system of today; here are four steps that qualified educators believe to be able to improve the American education programs. Step one is focusing more on students critically thinking or thinking on their own. A great phrase of putting this idea to the test is, “focusing more on the question than the answer.” (Schlesinger 34). In The …show more content…
Oftentimes students are going to profit from engaging in their community. This was proven by The School of Democracy and Leadership in Crown Height, Brooklyn. SDL graduated 90 percent of its students its last year. Nancy Gannon, the principal, said her students were “incredibly steeped in activism [by] picking something in the world of their community they want to change…” (Schlesinger 36). The teachers here were not just telling students to go do a couple hours of community service, write it down, and then turn it in. These mentors were pushing their students to focus on something they were passionate about. There is a difference between giving a student an assignment to do and get be graded on, and giving them an assignment to do and want them to get something out of it while feeling like they accomplished something other than another grade in class. These students understood, “the importance of a basic education…”. Schlesinger suggests that students “get to see how their engagement can influence their community.”(36). Kohn gives a great example when he says, “Children learn with and from one another in a caring community and that’s true of moral as well as academic learning.”(20). Kohn agrees with Schlesinger in that yes, students need some kind of community involvement to

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