A Monk Swimming, by Malachy McCourt and The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls

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In the memoirs A Monk Swimming by Malachy McCourt, and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, there are stories of how both authors persevere through some form of poverty during their childhoods; in both cases, the authors have a history of running away from their problems, and finally both McCourt and Walls turn their stories into fame and success. Both memoirs are based on stories from the authors’ pasts, and they remain the central focus throughout the memoir. Memoirs are a subgenre of the narrative, non-fiction genre (List of Literary Genres, California Department of Education). A memoir is a book or other piece of writing based on the writer's personal knowledge of famous people, places, or events. The difference between a memoir and …show more content…
McCourt says that “it was many years before my mother sang another droopy love song, because she sank into a deep depression and love fled into the damp, grey Limerick sky, never to return. The aforementioned arrive at the prologue of the memoir; they offer a foil to the standard foreshadowing scheme, in fact, they serve as a contrast to what is about to happen. They shape McCourt because he learns how to persevere and endure time times, as well as creating painful memories that will never escape throughout his whole life. There is a brief, but powerful summary to McCourt’s childhood and he uses that to build a base from where one can only grow, for, especially in his case, there is not much lower to fall in a ‘poverty-stricken’ childhood such as the one he has. This melancholic atmosphere also serves as an allusion to the times of poverty and hardship in Europe, Ireland in particular, during this time. It is not until Malachy decides to change his fate and move to America that his life starts to change. He does this, as he quotes himself, “a smiley little fella with a raging heart, and murderous instincts” (McCourt, 2), with an obvious chip on his shoulder. Jeannette Walls also comes

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