A Lesson in History Essay

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As we take a close look at honesty in history, we are immediately faced with the fact that we do have a beginning, which is recorded and no amount of speculation or theory can take remove the fact that our knowledge of history is finite. We have what we call a fossil record to account for the history of animal and plant life. Therefore, we can call history the fossil record of man. History can be confirmed, authenticated and deemed acceptable when we find and/or present proof. Our proof is in the integrity of the authors. The early historians were making an honest attempt to leave a true record of events for the ones who would come after. Although bias occurred, for the most part, true and faithful recording of events was the goal of …show more content…
Once men decided to apply intellectual reasoning as a way to change society for the better and improve the living conditions of man, there has been a moral decline in the world which has never been known before. Spiritual life is being reasoned out of existence and this is because reasoning from a scientific point of view eliminates accountability. It leaves the person completely in charge of everything by using his own reasoning and not having to be accountable for selfish actions. Some very severe approaches to historical study, such as no prejudice, being objective, factual evidence only and stripping away anything that failed in a critical analysis became the standard for entry into history. That standard pretty much obliterated the Scriptures as a standard for truth. Progress being the goal of these humanists resulted in man becoming dehumanized into a worthless mess of no personal value. While the postmodern worldview served the self, the self became less important. With God as the center of a man’s life, he has a value of unlimited worth. On his own he is what he can make of himself and nothing more.
The child that is born out of this line of reasoning is what we have today in our society known as new age. They want to re-write and revise history to prop up political and cultural views that will provide a

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