Essay A Journey Into the Metal Maelstrom

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Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” is believed to be the first usage of the term “heavy metal” in rock music. An apt song title for the genre of music it spawned. Heavy metal music has had far greater longevity and impact than critics ever dreamed it would. A descendant of blues, heavy metal features powerful distorted guitars, driving bass lines, pounding drumbeats, and howling vocals. Intense, crowd driven, performances typify the live metal experience. Musician and Filmmaker Rob Zombie observes,” Metal is outsider music for outsiders”(Zombie). While never caring about the mainstream metal has crossed over into popular music more than a few times in it’s history. Today’s heavy metal is a burgeoning, vibrant scene with many different …show more content…
Black Sabbath’s 1970 release, Paranoid, redefined the term “heavy”. Occult and horror inspired lyrics and down tuned, dark guitar riffs frightened a generation of parents, while inspiring generations of kids and musicians. Most consider Black Sabbath to be the godfathers of heavy metal; however, many still believe them to be the devil.
As the pioneers of metal were winding down, and punk and disco had a firm hold on popular music, a new wave of metal began to emerge. The New Wave of British Heavy Metal, or NWOBHM, began to take form in the late 1970’s. With a faster, more aggressive approach to its music, the NWOBHM was aimed at disaffected youth. Spearheading this invasion was Iron Maiden. With the multi million selling album, The Number of the Beast, (14 times platinum) they unleashed ferocity of music on the public never before seen. Lemmy Kilmeister formed Motorhead in 1975, fusing punk rock with heavy metal. Called, the first speed metal band, Lemmy has a very different take on Motorhead’s music,” "Cunt metal? Spunk metal? Left-handed metal? Right-handed metal? Upwardly mobile metal? This term "heavy metal" is only rock'n'roll anyway, because metal bands are the logical successors to Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly”(McIver). Leather clad heathens Judas Priest, known for Rob Halford’s multi- range vocals and twin guitar attacks, influenced future metal bands. They introduced studded leather stage

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