A Good Samaritan Essay

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Have you ever been scared for the safety of a complete stranger? Have you changed somebody’s outlook on life just by being a Good Samaritan? Well, I have. It was a late Thursday night and I was in a bad part of town informally known as “The Knob.” I had been at a friend's house when we decided to leave to find somewhere to eat. On the way, my friend got a call from his mom telling him he had to be home. His house wasn’t really out of the way. As I pulled down Belle Avenue, towards his house, another friend of mine shouts out “Hey, pull over that guy just knocked that girl out” I instantly questioned this absurd accusation. “What? You’re joking.” As I turned around I noticed that he certainly wasn’t as I saw a middle-aged lady facedown on …show more content…
The man’s wife came out and was trying to calm Jane down. She got some information out of her. Out of this information one thing stood out; she had been drinking. The last things she remembered was leaving the bar with her boyfriend. The whole story began to add up. She left with bar with Justin, she became unconscious, and Justin left her there. Now the man was really mad. He got his shoes and ran down the street to find Justin. We followed trying to keep the man from doing anything he and his family would regret. The man got to Justin’s house, which was less than a block away, and began to shout many angered obscenities towards Jane’s attacker. The situation was getting heated when Jane stumbled down to us. She began to yell absurd thing like “No, it was me, I knocked myself out!” or “Leave him alone it’s not his fault” You could tell she not in a good state of mind. By this time the police were on their way. Just when I thought the situation couldn’t get much worse, Justin appears with a kitchen knife at least 8 inches long. Regardless of whom you are, your decisions will be altered if rage is involved. The man was determined to get in his vigilante justice despite the danger of a drunken man with a knife. Fortunately, before the minor domestic violence could escalate into a full on homicide, the police showed up. He got the situation under control real quick. My friends and I wrote statements to ensure justice would prevail.

Now I never quite

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