A formula for parish practice Essay

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Wengert in his “A formula for parish practice” book, indicated the dispute over the relation between faith and works can be traced back to an attack on the Lutherans by John Eck prior to the Diet of Augsburg 1530 ( 63). Eck claimed that evangelicals ban good works from their teaching and preaching, later this phenomena grid Melanchthon to come up with the 20th article in the Augsburg confession. The reality that the leipzing Interim failed to use the phrase “faith lone” upset the Bishop of Naumburg , Von Amsdrof lead up to writing a tract against the Leipzing Interim. Later George major came up with Sermon that implies good works are necessary for salvation. George Major writings in favors of the absolute necessity of good work for …show more content…
Similarly in Matthews 17:20 and Mathew 16:8 we see Jesus is speaking about the size faith. James’s idea regarding good work in James 2:17 is a chronic problem among many Christians. James is a scripture but not all scripture carry the same weight. Dead is thing that does not respond and worthless. If faith without work is dead then it is work that keeps faith alive, I do not think that is the case because I believe faith is God’s gift which is best demonstrated through good work, hence good work cannot precede faith as the fruit cannot come before its tree that bears it. However, we cannot separate faith and good work because they are cause and effect, faithful people tends to do good work by being driven by the Holy Spirit. Faith in God and the work of the Holy Spirit should exist in order for the good work to exist. Professor Steven Paulson in Lutheran confession class lecture (13 July 2011) said “We cannot pull up a flower to make it grow fast, if we do so we will kill the tree rather than waiting for its natural way of grow”. From this saying I understood that we cannot accelerate our justification by our excellent work that praiseworthy in the people eyes. We do good works because we are justified by God’s grace through faith but we do not do good works to work on our salvation, our salvation is given unto us by Christ Jesus. When we

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