A Comparison of Two Car Advertisements: Ford Focus and Renault Megane

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A Comparison of Two Car Advertisements: Ford Focus and Renault Megane

Advertising is a way of life and like it or not advertisements are going no where. What ever you do there will be some kind of advertising near by. For example, listening to the radio on the way to work is a way of advertising as advertisers use the radio as a common way to advertise. Some people take notice of these advertisements where as others believe they should be scrapped. In this essay I am going to compare to recent car adverts. They are completely different yet trying to give out the same signal, buy our car.

The target audience in any advert is essential because advertising at the wrong age group could result in the
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The makers of this advert chose this location as it makes the audience feel young. To help with the location the makers of each advert have to think carefully about the people in the advert. In the Focus advert there is only two people in the whole advert, the designer and his assistant. In the Renault advert there is a range of people doing a range of stuff to give out different messages to help sell the car. The designer in the Focus advert is showing his audience how perfection has helped him design the car. He adds a bit of humour to the advert where he has put a drink on a running engine to show how the precision of the car. The humour is slight when the assistant drops the bonnet of the car and this is when you see the humour when the drink bursts over the designer. The Renault advert contains people shaking their ass which is also the theme tune to the advert. With a range of people such as young women and formula one driver shacking their ass it gives a sense of humour. Most people will remember an advert if it contains humour as they will think about it when seeing the product which was being advertised. For example, after watching the Renault advert, when you show the car you may think off people shaking their ass which is from the advert.

The way in which the give out the point in the advert is very important as it ma give

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