Essay on A Color Problem in a Post Racial Nation

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A more recent study done by Mauer and King (2007) suggest even a more significant problem within the criminal justice system as it relates to race. They argue that African Americans serve almost as much time in federal prison for a drug offense (58.7 months) as whites do for a violent offense (61.7 months), largely due to racially disparate sentencing laws such as the “100-to-1 crack-powder cocaine” disparity (Mauer and King, 2007:4). The 100-to-1 ratio of crack vs. cocaine disparity specifically means that, one must possess 500 grams of powder cocaine before they are subject to the same mandatory prison sentence (5 years) as an individual who is convicted of possessing just 5 grams of crack cocaine (despite the fact that …show more content…
According to Martin (2008) “This can prove dangerous because groups of people can be reduced to mere negative depictions or categorized in unflattering ways which may then be accepted by the majority and possibly minority cultures as fact” (Martin, 2008:338). This brain-washing from the “boob tube” has had an everlasting impression on the minds of children, starting at an early age. What adolescent children (especially African Americans) are viewing on television is what they are going to potentially grow up to believe. Aronson (2004) suggest that, “It has long been known that stereotypes—the pictures in the head that simplify our thinking about other people—produce expectations about what people are like and how they will behave” (Aronson, 2004:2). America already holds the view of blacks as uneducated individuals due to stereotypes. Smedley (1998) suggest that, “The racial worldview holds that blacks cannot achieve in any intellectual endeavor, and this has so infected our consciousness that even young black children are entrapped in the myth and inhibited from expressing intellectual curiosity” (Smedley, 1998:697). In a sense they lower their standards of living to conform to what the media wants them to become,

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