A Biblical Study on the Spiritual Gift of Tongues Essay

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Many churches today argue on the continuity or temporariness of the spiritual gifts. In this paper, the writer will focus on the spiritual gift of tongue should it fall under the permanent gift or not. For clarity, the author is defining some important Greek terms as follows: charismata, pneumatika, merismos, and energemata. Due to the complexity of the Greek language, the writer will try her best to provide the best definition(s) of each of these terms through various sources. For instance, charismata is one of the most often terms associated with the topic spiritual gifts. According to Englishman Concordance, it occurred six times in the Bible: Romans 11:29 “… for the gifts and the calling …,” Romans 12:6 “Having then gifts differing …show more content…
Is also translated as “diving asunder” in Hebrews 4:12 (www.nephos.com/PatriaIIpage73.html) accessed May 18, 2014.
Energemata are happenings or effects that occur when gifts are employed.
What is a spiritual gift?
William McRae defines spiritual gift as “… a divine endowment of a special ability for service upon a member of a body of Christ.” From the term itself, spiritual gift is a gift given by the Spirit or the Holy Spirit.
Apart from I Peter 4:10, Gk. charisma occurs in the New Testament only in the writings of Paul. It is used primarily in two ways, first as a general reference to God’s “free” or “special” gift of his grace, especially in salvation (Rom. 5:15-16; 6:23; 11:29; I Cor. 7:7; 2 Cor. 1:9-11), and more frequently by Paul as a designation for specific “spiritual gifts,” special endowments to be employed in service to the Christian community. The spiritual gifts are, according to Paul, “the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good” (I Cor. 12:7), ways in which the one Spirit possessed by all Christians works in diverse forms (vv. 4-6, 11-30; cf. Eph. 4:4-11). While the use of natural or acquired talents for the church

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