A Year Down Yonder Essay

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A year Down Yonder is about a girl named Mary Alice who goes to live with her Grandma in a small town with only her cat Bootsie and her potable radio that she says is her last touch with the world. This chapter is called Rich Chicago Girl. Mary Alice gets off a train from Chicago. After they leave the station Grandma enrolls her into school on the first day she arrives! Mary Alice sits next to Mildred Burdick who Grandma says to stay clear of but gets into deep trouble with and her horse ends up losing her horse and having to walk miles to get home. And that’s the end of this chapter.

The 2nd chapter is Vittles n’ Vengeance. It was Halloween time in grandma’s town which meant pranks going for weeks and half the privies
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At a certain time in the day everyone put their hand over their heart, stood east, and thought about the people who died for us. That was the end of their day.

The 4th chapter is Away in a manger. It is Christmas time in grandma’s town and the school is going to do a Christmas program at the church. Grandma and Mary Alice went out to trap fox but even though Mary Alice doesn’t like the trapping and the screams of the fox she doesn’t want Grandma alone. Mary got the part of Mary for the Christmas program. During the Christmas program the baby Jesus screams, but it’s supposed to be a doll, the baby is a Burdick. Joey came to visit for Christmas! They had a great Christmas.

Hearts and Flour is the name of this chapter. It starts out with Mrs. Weidenbach asking Grandma to make cherry tarts for the DAR because Washington birthday tea. There is going to be a valentine exchange at the school and there is also a new boy named Royce and everyone has a little crush on him. The next day when Mrs. Weidenbach comes again Grandma says that the party has to be at her house or she can by some cherry tarts. At the valentine exchange Ina-Rae got three more valentines than anyone else and one of them is from Royce and that makes Carleen go ballistic. At the party Grandma is really dressed up and Mrs. Willcox and Aunt Mae Grizzwald were there. When everyone was there it turned into a disaster because Mrs. Weidenbach found out

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