A Voyage Long and Strange Apush Book Report Essay

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A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz
Published by Picador in 2008 in New York City

Physical Contents: This book did not include any footnotes or photographs, but it did have a preface, illustrations, maps, and illustrations. The preface is an introduction to why Horwitz is writing the book. There are a lot of detailed and sometimes witty illustrations that were very helpful in some of the parts where the stories were very bland. The bibliography is just like any other bibliography in a non-fiction book. It has all of the sources and resources Horwitz used to write the book.

Information on the author: Tony Horwitz is a graduate from Columbia University. He was originally a reporter before he became an author. He started off at
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I the book was very interesting, but hard to read at some points. Tony Horwitz did a good job at incorporating humor into the book by describing the events he encountered while visiting the historical sites, but sometimes he would just carry on and on. In chapter seven, Horwitz spends an excessive amount of time describing the plains and the Indian artwork. “The oldest artwork done by Indians about seven hundred years ago, depicts birds, lizards, bighorn sheep, and stick-figure humans” (Horwitz 167). Horwitz’s purpose of the book was to inform readers of the time between 1492, when Columbus discovered America, and 1620, when the pilgrims landed at Plymouth. He believes that most Americans do not know what happened between those two events, and that most Americans think the Pilgrims came with Columbus. He also wanted to clear up false rumors and ideas that people had been taught. I think Horwitz does accomplish his purpose. He clears up a lot of things I would have not known if I had not taken this class prior to reading this book. The book is not very well organized. Horwitz skips between personal encounters and historical events freely. Sometimes I had to go back and re read sections to figure out what century in. It was very informative though. Sometimes I think he is a little biased when telling the stories. For instance, when he is writing about John Smith, he hypes him up

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