A Vibrant Hippie History Essay

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Jacqueline N
February 10, 2012
AP/ US History
Ms. Lombardi
Period 5 Colorful Hippies To many it may seem as the glorifying symbol that describes the era of the 1960s, but to others not so much. The Hippies showed a different part of reality to us and to the world, a part that we did not know existed but that caused great harm to us. Hippies were members of a reform movement that was absolutely unnecessary to society. This is due to the reason that it caused the destruction of American principles while causing no positive effect on the nation. The reform movement caused by the Hippies was provoked by certain events that affected the US during the sixties, as well as topics that were of great concern to them, this caused
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In the 1960s many problems were occurring in the US but the only person with the power of taking control of the situation was the president, however the Hippies formed their own group and started their reform that only caused a greater commotion and a greater deal of problems for the US to handle. After the great deal of factors that caused the Hippie Movement, there were various sorts of demonstrations done over the country as a way of showing disapproval and rebellion against the US. In 1965 and 1966 a dance mania evolved with the developing of "The Watusi",which was a dance move that consisted of being in a sitting position with knees bent and hips back and arms extended to the front while vibrating(Stern 93). Another dance move invention was the Hully Gully, and had foot movements like shuffling while having their arms jerking back toward their chest(Stern 93). Today, we as a society and as Americans are affected by such inappropriate dance moves all over the nation such as jerking and shuffling, and yet we ask ourselves why the teenagers nowadays behave the way they do, well my answer is its all the Hippies fault. The dance moves were accompanied by the music, such as the one from Joey Dee who sang "Peppermint Twist" which topped the Billboard chart, astonishingly this time teens and Hippies were not the only ones

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