A Sense of Belonging Comes from Having Connections with People and Places

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A sense of belonging is an essential part of every individual's life. A sense of belonging can be created from having connections with people and places within a personal, cultural, historical and social context. The choice of where to belong and who to belong with changes people's sense of belonging as time passes. The Poetry of Peter Skrzynecki's 'Immigrant Chronicle' and Carson McCullers's novel , "The member of the wedding" demonstrates how a sense of belonging comes from having connections with people and places.

" The member of the wedding" discuss the idea that we do not always choose the groups we belong to and sometimes individuals are cast into groups to which they feel little connection. The novel, "the member of the
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The house is a new and strange environment that provides a safe place to belong to. A sense of the comfort of routine is established in the first stanza: "Each morning” and the simile “like a well oiled lock” stresses the family's routine which has created a sense of belonging in their life. It is a positive portrayal of a cohesive family that is safe and secure in their home, even though there is tension and a lack of identity with the surrounding Australian culture. Feliks has created a private place by surrounding himself with things reminiscent of home in order to overcome his struggles of choosing not to belong to Australian society.

Peter Skrzynecki's poem reflects on the experiences of migrants coming to Australia and the journey from alienation to eventual acceptance. It describes how adaptations need to be made by both the migrants and settled Australian of this sense of belonging is to be achieved. From Carson McCullers’s novel, "the member of the wedding" features characters who are social misfits, and her work explores the tension between belonging to a group and expressing individuality. Skrzynecki and McCullers's works both illustrates how our relationship with others helps us to determine our identity and find our acceptance. The difference is that Skrzynecki's poem is told from the point of the migrants

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