Essay about A Sample of Fine Art

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Although different pieces of art come from different eras and different artists, what makes a composition fine art is its ability to evoke emotions in the viewer. These emotions can range from misery to ecstasy and everything in between. Conversely, if there are no feelings experienced by the majority viewers, no matter if they're positive or negative, than that piece does not fit into the genre of fine art. The great thing about genuinely fine art is the fact that the experience of emotion is absolutely subjective. It is true that a work of art has a certain message embodied in it and an intended emotional response; however, with fine art the experience is different from person to person. Great artistic compositions do trigger similar …show more content…
This is done by the natural setting of the mountain being uninterrupted by people and all the colors together giving a refreshing natural feel; the pure blue sky especially ccontributes to this overall feel. This painting was actually based on something that did exist. It was the hills behind Cezanne's mother's house in Estaque, France. Cezanne pays special attention to the facets and nooks in the mountain which is composed of the sun-baked earth. It is the dense build up of paint along with the solidity of the structure allows Cezanne to convert this actual visual experience into a timeless image.
Another Artist of the Post-Impressionism era was Paul Gauguin. He was the master-mind behind Arearea II. This painting fits well into the Post-Impressionism era in that it is composed of a life-like scene; it is also made up of inaccurate shades of colors. The images and subject in this painting is so dramatized come together in such a way that they give this painting significant meaning. In fact, it was these deep meaning, along with those of his other works, that has allowed Gauguin to help launch the Symbolism era.
The subjects in this work are two happy young women. The one to the left is wearing a very skimpy shirt with one strap for her shoulder, leaving her small breast exposed. The one to the right is full topless and also has small breasts. This woman is playing a musical instrument that

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