A Rose by Any Other Name Essay

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A Rose by Any Other Name
Spring 2012
Green, Alysha

To summarize A Rose by Any Other Name Case, CEO Tom Rose has two marketing strategies to choose from that could equally greatly impact his business. The original strategy is the launch of a brand line named Rose Partyware, which will showcase a new printing technology that will improve quality and reduce costs. Rose will potential be the first branded party ware line that will jumpstart Rose ahead of its competitors. The only downside is that it is going to be more expensive than it was originally projected. On the other hand a major competitor, Party!, decided to brand its own name and wants Rose to manufacture it. In order to make the best decision between the two strategies,
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The fourth environment is the political/legal environment. There may be many complications when it comes to the Party! strategy down the line. As Marge states in the case, they may not be able to trust Party! in the future with the deal. “Today, you’ll be the favorite. Tomorrow, they will pay you a dime less for their line, then a dollar less.” This might start an endless legal battle. The fifth environment is the technological environment which Rose’s branding strategy will have an advantage. With the next-generation digital imaging technology, Rose will show innovative, competitive advantage and adds value to the brand. The sixth environment is the natural environment. This might be a huge factor in a more environmentally conscious world. Neither strategy has made this an importance since it wasn’t presented in the case. This may be something both companies consider in the future, since most of the products are disposable. After finishing the 5 C’s analysis, Rose has to set firm goals/objectives for each strategy. For the branding strategy, two major objectives should be implemented to make the brand successful. The first objective is to increase brand awareness over the next two years with a variety of ads. The second objective will be to building, manage and maintain that strong brand equity. For Party!’s strategy, Rose’s first brand objective will be to maintain market share while manufacturing for Party!. The second objective will be to expand its

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