A Review of Chapters 4-8 of Making Sense of Change Management by Cameron and Green

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Making Sense Of Change Management


Bill Muniz

A Book Review
Submitted to Students Enrolled in EM 540
Engineering Resource Management

Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, Michigan
April, 2007

Abstract This paper provides students with a summary overview of the last five chapters of Making Sense Of Change Management., by Cameron and Green (2004). The intent of this paper is to enhance students' understanding of the principles of organizational change management. Key terms are provided with each chapter summary. Five multiple-choice and five true-false quiz questions are also presented, with references to related instructional objectives, and to the
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Four philosophies regarding the role a leader should play in the change process are illustrated in Making Sense of Change Management (2004) p. 134. The definitions of these philosophies are:
(a) The leader sits at the top of the organization, setting goals and driving them through to completion.
(b) The leader needs to become the figurehead of a powerful coalition which attracts. followers by communicating a compelling and attractive vision.
(c) The leader's primary role is that of coach, counselor, and consultant.
(d) The leader is a facilitator of emergent change.
Successful leadership of change often comes from within an organization, not from the top. Executive leaders are often busy people who find it difficult to spend time with the lower level members of an organization. This can make them quite disconnected from the people who must carry out the visions of the leader. Often, the lower level members of an organization must fight to be recognized as important members of the change process.
Daniel Goleman (2000) developed a set of six distinctive leadership styles. This was done by studying the performance of more than 3,800 executives. These six leadership styles are:
(a) Coercive style. In this style employees are coerced

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