A Research of Experimental Animation Essay

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A Research Of Experimental Animation

In many people’s opinions, animation means funny and humor and designed for children. The content of the animation is nothing more than fairy tales, legends, fables, etc. Animation even becomes a symbol of Disney cartoon. However, if we re-examine the animation from another point of view, we will find that it has grown out of a single commercial mode constraints. Some of the animations are complicated, obscure and abstract. Variety kinds of visual images in it stimulate the audience's optic nerves. This is the salient features of experimental animation. Experimental animation belongs to the field which between film and pure art. Innovation is the soul of it. In the production process, the
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Experimental animation is a creative artistic style of cartoon, which goes beyond the theoretical range of academic studies, and shows the practical meaning of animation. The research of the artists on this field drives the development of experimental animation art and leads to a plenty of top level experimental animation.
Experimental Animation is short and pithy. The length is generally 1 to 30 minutes. Short animation has tens of seconds, the longer one has a half an hour long. Most of them are in fifteen minutes. Although comparing with 90-minute commercial animation film, experimental Animation seems too “simple”. However, in respect of narrative, it is not overshadow by any other animations. Referring to the difference between short experimental animation and full-length animation film, Famous Belgian animation artist Raul Se Wasi said that short films have their own structure, their own personality, specificities that are not found in a full-length film. It’s like the comparison between a short story and a novel. [3] He thinks a cartoon can say as much in ten minutes as a full-length film in one and a half hours.
In addition to the abstract style of some of the experimental short films, experimental animation generally have a relatively complete story, narrative structure is more refined than the other kinds of animations. It is not under the control of the commercial factors. The creation

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