A Reflection of the Skills Acquired from Inter-Professional Education and How They May Be Applied in Practice

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A reflection on the skills acquired from collaborative learning and how they may be applied in practice

The Inter-professional Education (IPE) module is about students from different healthcare professions who learn together about the concepts of health care and how to improve patient care and health services in general. Reynolds (2005) defined IPE as “…collaborative working and the sharing of common goals in relation to the patient /client care or therapy.” Throughout this reflective assignment, I will be discussing what I have learnt from the topics in this module and how I think my learning may be applied in practice. To structure my discussions and analysis, I will be using the Rolfe et al (2001) reflective model. Reflection on
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With regards to Pharmacy (my course of study), IPE is crucial to the development of the relationship between Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals such as doctors. Gallagher R.M. & Gallagher H.C. (2010) states, “While poor communication between doctors and pharmacists is a major cause of medical errors, it is clear that effective, deliberate doctor-pharmacist collaboration within certain clinical settings significantly improves patient care.” This shows the importance of liaising with healthcare professionals in practice, for instance, coming to a conclusion on the right drug for a patient, which I, as a prospective pharmacist, would have to do. This is supported by Freeman, Miller and Ross (2000) who stated that, “the requirement of professionals to communicate `effectively’, to understand each other’s contribution to the care process…” has “…been proposed in much recent research as the most effective form of managing patient care.” Teamwork is a must in healthcare practices so that the professionals can come together and discuss what is best for the patient from all points of view.

Safeguarding was hardly discussed because none of my group had experienced the issues associated with types of abuse. Nevertheless, in practice, if I see a person

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