Essay about A Raisin in the Sun (Movie to the Book)

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Lauren Gault
Mr. Russell
AP Literature
22 Feb 2011
A Raisin in the Sun The play and the production of A Raisin in the Sun are comparable in multiple ways. After reading the play and watching the movie, there are many things that don’t exactly match up to one another causing the audience to develop a bias about several things that could use some reviewing. With all intentions, Hansberry worked delicately to choose the right actors to fit the parts in the movie production. Although Hansberry had good intentions when choosing the actors, acting is one of those things that she should consider reviewing for some characters in the movie. Mama is one character that had great acting qualities. She was the typical grandmother in both the
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To make better characters of Walter and Beneatha, Hansberry should consider adding some emotion in their acting. A little bit of tone changing is all that it would take to give the audience an entirely different impression of their characters. Their voices stay at a constant tone almost throughout the entire play. Also adding more movement throughout the apartment and easier transitions would make the play flow smoother. With all of the elements that Hansberry could work on to improve the quality of the characters, tone of voice would be one overall element that would change the movie tremendously. Hansberry had many intentions when choosing the characters for the movie production of A Raisin in the Sun. Regrettably; I have to say that Walter and Beneatha are the ones that did not meet the quality in acting that Mama and Ruth did. Small things like tone of voice and transitions are elements that could be changed to improve their acting qualities vastly. When choosing actors for a movie production after presenting a written play, a producer has to look for certain qualities. After reading a play, an audience develops certain expectations for the movie production and to be successful, a producer has to follow through with those expectations. Unfortunately, Hansberry didn’t quite follow through with the expectations in the movie production that she set in the written play. Even though Walter and Beneatha’s acting didn’t quite meet the standards

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