A Negative Outlook vs. a Positive Outlook on Life Essay

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Topic: "A Negative Outlook on Life Vs. A Positive Outlook on Life"
Thesis statement- My topic is a’ Negative Outlook on Life Vs. A Positive Outlook on Life’. It is the study on the differences of having negative/ positive thinking –1. What it does to the human mind and health 2. The outcome of a way a person thinks and response. 3. How to change your thinking to be more disciplined. 4. The difference of having a positive outlook on life and how it can make a person’s life much better.

"A Negative Outlook Vs. A Positive Outlook on Life"

Negative thinking is a way of thinking that only bad things may happen. A definition for the negative would be not positive, without affirmative
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(Personal, 2011)

There are also a lot of health benefits by having a positive outlook by having a better psychological and physical well being, lower rate of depression and distress which can bring a increased life span. Then on the other hand if you are a negative thinker you will have more problems like having more stress, more health issues because of all the tension that can be caused from thinking on the negative. The constant stress that flows from a negative attitude also saps one’s energy, focus and motivation. So between choosing to be a positive thinker is a much wiser choice to live in life then being a negative thinker which brings much regret and grief in the end of it all. I believe that if a person makes up in his/hers mind to try and be positive and have self control and be positive that they will end up having more peace in their life and become a better person and will not worry as much. It is all up to the person if they want to portray a negative lifestyle they can yet I do believe they would be a more happier person if they took control of their life and trained themselves to be a positive and full of ambition thinker. In conclusion, the sky would be the limit of what great things would become for a person with great dreams and

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